Does My Heat Pump or A/C Need Replacing?

Tuesday May 10th, 2022


  Summer is just around the corner, and for a lot of homeowners, that means having to run the air conditioner or heat pump around the clock just to keep ahead of climbing temperatures. These tools are amazing for keeping things cool, but after a while, they too can get worn out and need replacing. Do you know how to tell if it’s time to retire your current unit? Efficiency Is Everything Many people believe that if their unit is still working, it’s still doing its job,... [read more]

Furnace Maintenance for Beginners

Friday Dec 10th, 2021


Getting ready for winter in advance is important to make sure that you don’t run into major problems once cold weather hits. There are a lot of places in the home that will likely need some maintenance or upkeep as part of your winterization process. Of these, your furnace is one of the most important; falling behind on furnace maintenance can result in problems at the worst time, and getting them fixed in the cold of winter can be both difficult and expensive. Fortunately, a lot of... [read more]

Cleaning Your Toughest Patio and Deck Stains

Saturday Oct 30th, 2021


After a long summer, it’s time to clean up around your home and get everything in good shape before the winter comes. Not only does this sort of fall cleaning help your home look nice after the rain and heat of summer, but it can also aid you in finding issues or damage that you might want to take care of as you winterize your home. Some areas that often needs particular attention during these cleanup periods are patios and decks. Part of the reason for this is that many people use... [read more]

Year-Round Savings With Ceiling Fans

Saturday Oct 16th, 2021


In general, people tend to think about air conditioners as a way to keep a home cool and heating units as a way to keep it warm. There’s nothing wrong with this line of thinking, of course. If you’re only relying on heaters and air conditioners to maintain the temperature, though, then you may be spending way more than you need to keep your home comfortable. One key part of controlling your home’s heating and cooling costs that you might be ignoring is the humble ceiling... [read more]

How Does a Radiator System Work?

Thursday Oct 7th, 2021


Keeping the climate in your home under control is important throughout the year. Not only do you need to have a reliable way to keep the heat of the summer sun at bay, but you’ll also want some method of keeping toasty and warm on cool autumn evenings and throughout the frigid winter. For many homeowners, this means a forced-air heat pump, usually as part of a combined central heating and cooling system. This isn’t the only option that’s available, however.   Though... [read more]