Home Renovation on a Budget — You Got This!

Monday Dec 5th, 2022


Are you tired of looking at the drabby paint on your walls, the outdated cabinets, worn furniture, and stained carpets? Your home is overdue to be remodeled, which is on your wish list. However, you are afraid of what the cost might be. Unless you want a major overhaul, you can still spruce up your home and improve its appearance and functionality without going broke. The following are some budget-friendly ideas for renovating different rooms of your home. Refurbish, Reupholster, and... [read more]

Tips for Painting Over Dark Walls

Monday Dec 20th, 2021


Hooboy. You’ve finally bought a house, but the paint is so, so dark. “It’s only paint,” you told yourself as you walked through the place, and repeated at your walkthrough prior to closing. “It’s only paint.” And while it’s true that it’s only paint, and paint can always be painted over, going over dark walls is a much different story than trying to paint over light colored walls. Reds, purples, browns, and dark grays are particularly... [read more]

How Much Paint Do I Need?

Saturday Jun 5th, 2021


Paint, paint, glorious paint! It’s one of the least expensive materials you can buy for your house that delivers one of the biggest visual punches. It also fixes a myriad of problems. Got a tired exterior? Paint. The interior of your home feels like it’s closing in on you? Paint. Bought a couch that you love, but clashes with everything else? PAINT. In all seriousness, paint is a great way to brighten, enliven, and give your home a serious face lift – inside and out. But... [read more]




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